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Quality Production

Our products are produced with high quality. Colors do not fade.

Clean Environment

Our carpets create a permanent hygiene environment with their dust-proof feature.

Safe Product

Our carpets are fireproof and special production. It also does not live in moths.

Avvio Carpet
Mosque Carpet Production

Our aim has never changed since the day we were founded; to offer you the best quality and service at the most affordable price. We used to think like this yesterday, and today… And we are working for this, we are constantly researching how we can produce the ‘best at the most affordable price’ with our R&D studies. Thanks to this understanding we have and you, our valued customers, we are among the ‘best’ in the industry and we have an important share in the market.

Acrylic Carpet Pure Carpet Belly Carpet Wool Carpet Prayer Rug

Acrylic Mosque Carpet Features

Acrylic thread is the most durable of synthetic threads. It is the type of yarn most similar to wool carpets with its soft, light and eye-catching structure. It is the type of mosque carpet that gives the closest appearance to wool mosque carpets because it is light and flexible. Another plus is that it is durable and long-lasting.

Bright, Vivid Colors and Patterns
Acrylic Mosque Carpets are bright but eye-catching carpets with their vibrant colors and patterns. Many pattern options are available.

Soft, Plump and Durable
Acrylic Mosque Carpets are soft like wool carpets, dense and full in weaving, durable enough to be used in mosques for many years.

Pure Mosque Carpet Features

Pure mosque carpet is divided into acrylic and wool yarn. Unless your mosque is a small or flat area, they are often the most preferred models to keep more congregations in line. In addition, with pure mosque carpet models, our congregation in the mosque can easily keep up without getting stuck.

More Comfortable Worship
Thanks to the strip on it, it helps the mosque community to create a more regular and comfortable line. There are many different pattern options between the two strips.

Most Preferred Model
It is one of the most preferred mosque carpet models in our mosques in Turkey. It is offered for sale with acrylic and wool yarn options and reasonable prices.

Göbekli Mosque Carpet Features

It is a mosque carpet model used in mosques with a beautiful architecture and a large area, by making a navel pattern in the middle area. It creates a very different ambiance in the mosque. Both wool and acrylic yarn models are available. When the color and pattern to be used are evaluated together with the interior decorations of the mosque, a very different beauty emerges inside.

Ambiance and Visuality
Belly mosque carpets offer a very different ambiance and visuality in the mosque, while adding a different atmosphere to the mosque.

Wool and Acrylic Options
Belly mosque carpets are offered with two different yarn options. If you wish, it can be produced using wool (natural) yarn or acrylic yarn.

Wool Mosque Carpet Features

Wool is a natural material and does not harm human health. It is more suitable for use in terms of aesthetics and mosque architecture. Carpets with natural features create awareness in the mosque. It provides acoustics inside the mosque with its sound absorbing feature. The more it is used, the brighter it gets.

It is non-flammable and durable.
Wool mosque carpets are not flammable due to their content. Apart from that, wool carpets are long-lasting and have more vibrant colors as they are used.

Dust, Stain and Dirt Repellent
Wool Mosque Carpets are resistant to dust, dirt and stains that will occur inside the mosque and come from outside. It attracts attention with its dust-proof feature.

Features of Prayer Rug Mosque Carpet

It is a kind of mosque carpet that is made of 100% Wool and Acrylic yarns by embroidering Anatolian motifs on the carpet, giving the feeling of a special place reserved for the mosque community with its patterns and colors that do not tire the eyes, providing convenience. to pray with greater awe. It also helps worshipers to more easily receive their pure order.

Anatolian Motifs
Mosque Carpets with prayer rugs are prepared by processing Anatolian motifs with dozens of colors and patterns belonging to our own culture, which do not tire the eyes.

Aesthetics and Beauty Qatar
Mosque Carpets with prayer rugs add a different atmosphere to the mosque and appeal to the spirit of the mosque community with the colors and patterns inside. It is also long-lasting and durable. 

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