Avvio Halı, which has been operating since 2017, is at the point it has reached today, with the difference of modern and technological machinery, with a wide quality range and wide product range, and is committed to producing better quality for its customers every day than the day before. It is aware that even in technological opportunities, the most important element is “Respect for the Environment”, “Respect for Employees” and “Respect for Consumers”.

Avvio Carpet; İpek Mekik Carpet, which has become the manufacturer of the most popular models among the carpet collections every year, with the effect of the increasing production volume graphic every year, is growing day by day with the development of existing markets and incorporating new markets, as well as exporting to many countries. Our aim is; Our mission is to expand our machine park day by day, by employing expert personnel, without losing the understanding of “Respect for the Environment and Nature”, and to produce masterpieces worthy of the spaces of our valued customers by producing wide collections in rich color alternatives. Avvio Halı has adopted a management approach that protects the environment, attaches importance to occupational health and safety, together with the concept of quality work. The factory has internationally valid documents in this regard. With its wide product range, innovative approach and accurate investments, Avvio is taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand.